"Tenacity"...tenacity [tuh-nas-i-tee] 

The quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly: grip.

synonyms: persistence, determination, perseverance, resolution, resolve, firmness, patience, endurance, stamina, stubbornness, obstinacy, etc.

dung beetle


A beetle (such as a tumblebug) that rolls balls of dung in which to lay eggs and on which the larvae feed.

Solid Bronze......DungBeetle

"DRAW"                                          1984

Clay Sculpture / original

Personal                                                       Byers, Tx.

It's Showtime                                  13 castings only, Casted 1

Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base 

Most Texans find it entertaining to watch these bugs at work. Rolling their oversized balls of dung over and across unlevel terrain, in extreme weather conditions and the youngster amusing himself, aggrivating them by rolling their balls of dung off to the side is admirable. Upon thinking of this, their shear Tenacity, can teach us all a lesson.

Joe McGees Boot by Tom Roberts        2008      

Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base / original 

Personal, First bronze casted                         Byers, Tx.

Horse (Bust Right)                                    series 131, casted 10 

Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base                 

TFR Belt Buckle                              Personal, casted 1


                                            As a young boy looking forward to summer break, mine was especially

                                            anticipated. I was spending a week with my Grandparents at their home

                                            outside of Cedar Creek Texas. Grandpa was to take me fishing on Canyon

Lake. While making these plans, he and I had challenged one another as to who would catch the first

fish. Learning of this high stakes duel, Dad proceeded to go through his bass tournament fully-stocked

tackle box. Pulling a lure from this box, he instructed me how to fish a top water chugger.  Fishing this

lure as he described is how I caught the first fish, a Large Mouth Bass weighing in at approximately

2 pounds, a giant for a young boy.

This became the inspiration for this bronze sculpture.

Early Mornin' Chuggin' #1/31                     

Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base

gift: to my parents                          Sanger, Tx.                       

It's Showtime                                     1 casting only 

Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base 

Sonny & Rosemary Bentley            Burkburnnett, Tx.    


no title / first attempt at sculpting  1984                       

Clay Sculpture / original

Personal/originally a gift to my Parents         Byers, Tx.

Baby hand, our God Daughter               4 castings only     

Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base 

    Clay & Katie Heldmann                        Denton, Tx.

    Gary & Robbie Heldman                       Denton, Tx.

    Mark & Tina Hildenbrand                     Denton, Tx.

    Tom & Deana Roberts                          Byers, Tx.

"Bronze sculptures lasting beyond our years"


"First Jump Out"                            series TBD, casted 1 (AP)             Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base       

"SUNFISH BRONC"                       series TBD, casted 1

 Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base       

Tom Roberts                                 series 31, casted 12

Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base       

Early Mornin' Chuggin'                                        series 31, casted 13

Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base                        


"Be Still"                                         series 31, casted 3

 Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base       

"CATCH EM...RELEASE EM"     series TBD, casted 3

 Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base       

"Let Me Read To You"                     series 31, casted 2

Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base       

Horse (Bust Left)                                                  4 castings only

Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base

       Deana Roberts                                Byers, Tx.

       Sellete Roberts                               Sanger, Tx.

       Judy Wade                                     Byers, Tx.

       Emma Miller                                   Wilson, Okla.

"You call this Coffee?"                     1985

Clay Sculpture / original                      

Personal/originally a gift to my Grandparents Byers, Tx.

Bronco Buster                                     casted 1, dated 2016

Solid bronze replica sculpture of their famous signature boot                                                        

"Thank You"                            series 31, casted 2                            

Solid Bronze mounted on a solid walnut base


​This is a gift to my Mother. It is her as a little girl with

her Papa Clay.